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Trade Talk Newsletter Markets: U.S., South Florida, Texas, Port Laredo

U.S. - 2021’s Dirty Dozen (Imports)

South Florida - 16% of vaccine exports went through MIA

Texas - 2 seaports, 2 border crossings, 1 airport drive state's trade

Port Laredo - Supply chain issues work to Airport's benefit

U.S. - China, is it trade over?

South Florida - MIA trade is soaring

Texas - Dallas new trade epicenter?

Port Laredo - On pace for record trade

U.S. - Canada is the top U.S. trade partner

South Florida - Mystery at MIA

Texas - Del Rio ranks among the nation’s top 25 percent for export-import trade

Port Laredo - Vehicle imports, seaports gaining market share

U.S. - U.S. Trade Deficit Projections

South Florida - COVID’s impact seen in record trade statistics

Texas - 6 Texas ports to set records this year

Port Laredo - Record pace, not motivated by autos

U.S. - Last three months of U.S. trade among biggest in history

South Florida - It’s true: Trade Connections, in person, set for Aug. 11

Texas - For many Texas ports, 2021 looks like a record year – for now (Español)

Port Laredo - One of the nation's fastest-growing ports

U.S. - U.S. trade at record levels, thanks to imports -- and exports to China 

South Florida - For MIA and cell phone exports, an opportunity arrives in July

Texas - Texas seaports buck the trend and lead the nation in another way 

Port Laredo - Our cars are getting older, and that might be OK for Laredo

U.S. - Trade soars past record from 2019, powered by imports for U.S. consumers, businesses 

South Florida - MIA's pivotal role in global gold trade before, after Covid

Texas - Texas trade growing faster than U.S. average

Port Laredo - For Port Laredo, a record trade year in 2021 is a real possibility

U.S. - Six of the top 10 ports dominating U.S. trade growth

South Florida -  This import is more valuable than gold

Texas - There’s a new No. 1 U.S. export

Port Laredo - Computer chip shortage and Port Laredo

U.S. - If you can only watch two things in 2021, watch China and oil

South Florida - At MIA, this import grew 3,184%, but didn’t fly in a plane

Texas - For Texas, all of it, the story to watch is oil, with a twist

Port Laredo - Mexico buying less and less U.S. chicken, pork, beef – but why?

U.S. - Can it be true? In 2020, trade with four top 10 nations grew

South Florida - Sign of the times: MIA saw surge in PPE, gold imports

Texas - This one here’s for bragging rights

Port Laredo - For Port Laredo and 2020 trade, good news and bad news..

U.S. -Two top 10 ‘ports’ with 2020 increase will have one common feature

South Florida - Mixed bag on Florida airports', seaports' trade recovery

Texas - Trade Talk Texas: 2 ports outperforming national average monthly, YTD

Port Laredo - Port Laredo leads nation for these 10 exports